Taylor Jordan (Adventure Trail Ride)

Easily the best experience I’ve had trail riding (ever). Derrick was nice, knowledgeable and willing to teach, never acted like our questions were dumb and truly treated his horses like family. I would recommend him ten times over

One thought on “Taylor Jordan (Adventure Trail Ride)

  1. My daughter and I had an AMAZING time riding with Derrick on 4/10/2017. Derrick made this adventure fun and was so laid back. DM Outdoors gives you the best experience and passion for horses. DM Outdoors is better than any other stables you would go to for a trail ride. I would rate Derrick and his horses a 10 for the best experience and he really deserves a 100 percent to rating for his fun times. Everyone should give this place a try. “DON’T KNOCK IT TILL YOU TRY IT!!!!” Thank you Derrick


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