The Boys of Safe Haven Farm

Stanley is an Arabian/Quarter Horse gelding born on December 10, 2009. He was bought as a colt for a young girl that wanted a pony several years ago because her dad thought that a “pony” was a baby horse. We rescued him when he was 3. He is strong, fearless & affectionate. Stanley is definitely a tank and loves to lead the way even if it means bulldozing down branches & underbrush. He is often used as a coach for nervous horses that need help building confidence. Often referred to as “Stubborn Stanley”, he has definitely earned his keep as the most badass of the herd.

Buckwheat is a Palomino gelding born on June 13, 2002, that was rescued by us in June of 2018. He was bought for a teenager that lost interest after a couple of weeks so he was pretty skinny & lonely when we met him. He’s a sturdy trail horse that’s an old salt under saddle. He loves to be affectionate & has wonderful manners. He really likes McDonalds fries.

Jake from State Farm is a Mustang gelding born on November 11, 2011. He’s big guy for a Mustang & a smooth ride. He is originally from out west & came to us from a wonderful Mustang Rescue out in Western NC, after having been rescued from an abusive rancher out there. He’s brave & confident but doesn’t like to ride in front if he doesn’t have to. He never misses a chance to grab a snack on the trail and seems to have simply been born hungry.

Jack is a retired race horse. Born on May 24, 2003, he’s a Halflinger/Quarter Horse cross gelding. We rescued him from a kill pen in Ohio a few years back. He’s a fast stepper & an even faster runner. Jack is usually the trail guide’s horse, so you’ll see him out on the trail, but not normally being ridden by customers just because he’s a little bossy sometimes. He is the herd boss after all. If you’re a strong rider though and a farm friend (repeat customer that we’ve seen ride) you may ride Jack at your request.

Whiskey was born on August 5, 2002, and is a Tennessee Walker/Rocky Mountain Walking Horse gelding who was donated to us after not being ridden for several years. He’s strong and stubborn but has proven himself a stable and loving friend. Whiskey can be shy and keeps to himself most of the time. He’s the trail guide’s horse and not for customers, but you’ll see him in action on the trail regularly.

Rusty is our youngest horse born on December 20, 2012. He is a Thoroughbred/Quarter Horse cross gelding. His family retired & had too many horses so he came to live & work with us. He’s fast if he’s well handled but has turned out to be a pretty exceptional trail horse.

Walter was born on April 7, 2002 and is a Thoroughbred/ Oldenburg cross gelding and former English competitor, but hasn’t been ridden since 2008. So bless his little heart he just does not know what to make of herd life or trail work. This much is true though: he is OBSESSED with his new herd family. Buddy sour to the point of being annoying. So… we don’t let customers ride him. At least not yet. You’ll see him on the trail though, him & the boss have gotten pretty tight in his short time with us.

Albert was born on January 9, 2002. A Belgian draft horse gelding, Albert pulled carriages for nearly 15 years until he was forced to medically retire. We have since nursed him back to health, as he now enjoys retirement life with his new herd. A true gentle giant, you might see him on the trails on occasion with our owner Derrick, just so he can get some exercise in!

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