If you ever just need a break from things, want to go on an adventure or are simply curious about trying something new. . .

Come horseback riding with us. We promise it won’t be one of those rides where you go to a big stable & ride in a line for a half hour with people walking with you. . .

We go real trail riding. Just you in control. About an hour & a half depending on how you want to ride. You’ll get some basic instruction if you need it or we’ll be on our way if you’re already experienced. Walking, trotting, cantering, galloping, jumping… you’re in control to ride however you want. The sounds of the woods with birds & critters all over. You won’t find this type of trail riding anywhere else close by short of you owning your own horse! And if you own your own horse & are unsure about taking them on a trail ride or want to bring them along while a friend or partner rides one of ours, we can help with that too! Just check out our reviews on our facebook page.

All of our horses are dead broke rescues that are kid tested & mother approved for anyone who wants to ride. We’ve had all ages come out & ride solo (often for the first time) with us. Our herd is, and will always be, comprised of rescued horses that we have fallen in love with & given jobs to. Our horses are family members rather than commodities and they love to work. Whether you’re experienced or have never sat on a saddle, we promise you’ll have fun riding these guys.

We offer a different type of personalized & exclusive experience and we are growing steadily. Just bear with our limited availability and resources while we try to expand the right way (methodically) so we can be safe & take care of our animals as well as our clients. With this in mind, we have a 300 lb weight limit.

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Stanlet tack

Stanley is an 11 year old Appendix Arabian Gelding. He was bought as a colt for a young girl that wanted a pony several years ago because her dad thought that a “pony” was a baby horse. We rescued him when he was 3. He is strong, fearless & affectionate. Stanley is definitely a tank and loves to lead the way even if it means bulldozing down branches & underbrush. He is often used as a coach for skiddish horses that need help building confidence.


Buckwheat is a 19 year old Palomino gelding that came to us in June 2018. He’s a sturdy trail horse that’s an old salt under saddle. He loves to be affectionate & has wonderful manners. He is probably the most ‘talkative’ of our herd & seldom lets anyone come into or out of the farm without speaking to them. He’s the current herd boss and typically rides up front.

IMG_6563Jake from State Farm is a 9 year old Mustang gelding. He’s the bosses mount but is available for customers upon request. He is originally from out west & came to us from a wonderful place out toward Western NC. He’s brave & confident but doesn’t like to ride in front if he doesn’t have to. We believe he may have a little horsey crush on Buckwheat so they tend to stick together most of the time.


Jack is a 17 year old retired race Quarter Horse gelding. He came from a kill pen in Ohio a few years back. He’s a fast stepper & an even faster runner. Jack is usually the trail guide’s horse so you’ll see him out on the trail but not usually being ridden by customers. If you’re a strong rider you may request Jack but you’ll have to be a repeat customer that we’ve seen ride.

Whiskey is a 19 year old Tennessee Walker/Rocky Mountain Horse who was donated to us this year. He’s strong and stubborn but has proven himself already a stable and loving. He’s not quite ready for customers yet but you’ll see the lead trail guide riding him. Gotta firm up that horsey booty!