Services Offered


If you ever just need a break from things, want to go on an adventure or are simply curious about trying something new…

Make a reservation to come horseback riding with us. We go real trail riding. YOU are in control. You won’t find this type of trail riding anywhere else close by short of you owning your own horse! You’re free to ride to your comfort level whether its a walk, trot, canter, gallop or jump. All of our horses are gentle & kind spirited and they love a good workout! Our growing herd is, and will always be, comprised of rescued horses that we have fallen in love with & given jobs to. Every dime that is earned through our offered services stays on the farm to care for the animals. All of our animals are rescues from one place or another & our model is to fatten them up, train them under saddle & have them earn their keep in some capacity. We make zero profit from them. Whether you’re experienced or have never sat on a saddle, we promise you’ll have fun!

Adventure Trail Rides
1 hour – Up to 4 riders – Tuesdays through Sundays – $60 a horse
Location: Whippoorwill Campground, Beulaville
*Double riders are an additional $30 per rider*

Expedition Trail Rides
3.5 hours – Minimum of 2 riders, up to 4 riders
Subject to availability – By request ONLY – $200 a horse
Location: Havelock, North Carolina
*Must have done an Adventure Trail Ride with us*


We will gladly haul your horse if you need it. We can take up to 4 at a time regardless of breed. Our rates are industry standards but that doesn’t mean we won’t beat a verified quote from another vendor. We prefer local & in-state but if you really, really (I mean REALLY) need us to go out to a neighboring state to help you we’ll help as best we can.


If the worst were to ever happen and you lose your horse (or other large animal) to illness, injury or just age we are equipped to come remove your large animal from your property. Not every owner is in a position to bury their large animal on there property and these cremation places are expensive! We’ve been there so we know what a shock it can sometimes be. We will come to your property & remove your large animal with care & dignity as well as not take financial advantage of a horrible situation.


For more information on horse boarding, please contact Derrick directly at
(910) 284-1311.

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